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Hi, I'm Nikki Bonkoski

I live in Minnesota with my children. My heart guided me to start my blog in 2015 after my first husband died by suicide. It has since grown into something so beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams.


Check out my blog, my published writing, and my daily social media posts to be lifted up in light.  

Welcome to my work as a writer, spiritual mentor, and grief support specialist.  I have been doing this work since 2015 and my writings and teachings have spread globally.


I believe in truth, radical authenticity, and spreading information to help people grow.

I will spend my life teaching you that you can rise out of trauma and find your sunshine. I will spend my time teaching you that everything you need is inside of you.


I hope you resonate with my message that I channel through my life experience, learned wisdom, and warm heart and soul.


I am passionate about nature, self-love, spiritual knowledge, mental health, and living my very best life no matter what suffering I endure along the way. Life hasn’t cheated me. I cheat my own life if I give up, give in, and don’t follow my calling to share my heart.


I hope my words resonate with you and through my vulnerability you find guidance. 


I hope you feel at home here in this community that I have built from my tears.


Listen to your intuition and always follow your soul's compass.  

You are not broken. You are a whole and beautiful human being. Life's struggles can make us feel broken inside but I assure you that inside of your soul there is a beautiful light that can never be bent, bruised, or shattered. 

You can't always be strong but you can always be brave. 

I believe in spreading spiritual knowledge and I believe that we all have the ability to rise out of trauma & tradgedy with hope, joy, and grit. 

Love Always, 



"I’ve spent the entire evening reading every one of your posts. I think you’re one of the most amazing women I’ve ever read.... never stalked a page like this. Ever. I’m blown away. Keep making beauty in the world. My goodness you deserve so much goodness." Facebook follower

"There are some people we meet in life that no matter how much we search & try to find words that adequately describe their character, we will never find them because the only place they exist are in the pages of the dictionary that sits on a shelf in heaven where they rightfully belong. One day Nik, I'll open that heavenly dictionary and finally be able to communicate how inspirational you & all you do, truly are." 

"Nik, if you've saved one life... Can you IMAGINE!!! In reality though you have may already have saved MULTIPLE lives with your words!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! Some heros fight for our country, some heros fight bad guys, some heros fight fires, some heros fight to save lives, some heros just love and make others around them feel better, know they aren't alone, and help them fight to hang on. You may not have a dangerous job that you risk your life on everyday, but with that keyboard of yours you are fighting as hard as any other hero and making a difference in people's lives and in some cases saving them. All because you chose to tell the truth. Nik, you are a true hero. World wide!!! Keep up the great work!!" -Facebook follower